Recruitment Position

Talent Values

Fate should be in our own hands, not in the hands of others.

We aim to provide employees with a fair and open arena.

If you are talented people, you will live a wonderful life in this arena!

Recruitment Notice

Resume delivery

There are four ways to receive our resume: direct delivery, post, e-mail and online resume. Please specify the position you are applying for in your resume, which is in accordance with the job title issued by our company. Please attach a certificate of education and identity to your resume. Please attach performance certificate materials to senior positions. If you use email and online resume, do not re-deliver the same position at the same stage. Your support will help us to complete screening more efficiently.

Interview notice

There are four ways of notification: telephone, short message, email and website. In the implementation of each notification channel, we have set up a manual and automatic response mechanism. Please give confirmation reply in time to help us prepare for the interview.

About interview

Our interview will take different forms according to the requirements of different positions, which can be divided into telephone interview, video interview, face to face interview, behavioral test and written examination. Please pay attention to the interview time when you attend the interview. Punctuality is respect and the beginning of happy communication. 

Background investigation

After the consideration, we will check the information you submitted, and please cooperate with us..

Recruitment Process

Job application

Please send your resume (including basic personal information, education background, work experience, etc.) and copies of your ID card, diploma and recent photos to the company or to our recruitment mailbox.

Resume screening

First, we will evaluate your resume. If you meet our job requirements, we will arrange for you to attend the following interview sessions within two weeks.

Qualification interview

Mainly inspect your comprehensive quality, work experience and the authenticity of CV, the time is about 15-25 minutes.

Business interview

It will takes about 20-30 minutes to examine your expertise and skills. Some positions will add behavioral tests or professional written tests, and an additional general manager interview will be added.

Employment notice

After you pass the interview, we will finish the background survey within a week and notify you to confirm the entry time.


Report to the company, submit the medical examination report and go through the entry formalities.

Special Instructions

Within two weeks of receipt of the resume, we will arrange for qualified candidates to take the preliminary examination. Candidates who enter the second examination shall be notified within one week after the initial examination. The results will be published within one week after the second examination. If you don’t get a response, that means you fail the interview.

For perennially recruited positions, candidates can submit information at any time.

If there have a special arrangement in the recruitment process, we will make a special announcement.